Mick Clark is currently mixing Deep ‘Haunting’ House with sometimes a percussive and tribal flavour or verging on ‘Tech House’, though the possible boundaries of musical influences from his past leave options so flexible that no challenges remains out of his reach. He often plays tracks of his own creation having completed 4 albums containing such a diversified variety of music / poetry that one would find it hard to put a title to the genre.



Mick 'cut his 'DJ' teeth' way back on classic Ska, Reggae, Tamla & Soul, and progressive Rock through to Jazz-Funk, New Romantic & even Punk before that journey into the early House & Hardcore sound that evolved into today’s Pandora's Box of the Music Business. He was prominent in the UK through the early ‘Rave’ days and made his mark as resident at the ‘Original Warehouse Club’ in Maidstone. He then created / built / and established the Atomics Dance Club also in Maidstone, which with its capacity of 1500+, has boasted successful Nights as Southern Exposure; Tasmania; Spellbound; People on the Move; Pure Science; Club Class, and many more. During his time with Atomics he played alongside UK names such as Boy George, Jon the Dentist, Carl Cox, and numerous others. A few years ago he sold Atomics to enable him to concentrate once again solely on his DJ'ing, music production and art performance which was often taking him into Europe and further afield.

Just lately Mick has played a variety of gigs ranging from Clubs / one off’s / open air parties / Art Performance Events / and even a few unnameable ‘illegal’ Parties. He went down a storm at the Berlin Love Parade & played at the Cunst Event in Cologne, Germany, during Pop-Com, where he has performed most years. He has gained residencies for the TapetenClub and Upart-Plassma in Berlin and has played to excited receptions in Munich, Rostock (on board the Stubnitz!) and in Dresden. Also gigs in Helsinki and Turku in Finland have introduced him to Scandinavia and he looks forward to further gigs around Switzerland, Southern Italy, Slovenia and Denmark. Also his memorable residences on Radio Phoenix and Radio Kaos left some legendary recordings showing his ability to add-lib on the microphone offering even wider appeal.

A major new development over the last few years is Mick's involvement with Berliner Master of Percussion Steven Garling. Mick & Steven are collaborating in art performance of a most adventurous nature where they enhance each others performances. Sometimes involving other musicians, and working to the backdrop of a silent movie, they will mix in and out of each others musical journeys in a collage of sounds, sometimes strict and other times in a 'free fall' mode. Billed as the Flying Seals their partnership has already taken them to venues in 7 European countries.

Not forgetting his roots Mick has been happy to be associated with the reforming of the original Reggae band Mood Reaction who are playing live around the UK again and often invite him to compliment their performance with classic Ska & Rock Steady tracks from his vast collection.

When in the UK Mick spends much time working on his own tracks at his ‘Rainbow Studios’ in SE England. With 4 albums of tracks written and produced by himself, you can now venture into the world of Mick Clark and discover a diversified collection of his music / and poetic expressions quite unique to him. He also has a number of books of his poetry available.

Mixing a sound flavour of his very own, you will find Mick a most amicable addition to any line-up, where his mixes compliment most of the more interesting Parties and Venues. Using his extensive experience in the business he is establishing his name throughout Europe the way he has done in the UK.

With his own music and art performance he is hoping to continue to reach further afield.



Mick played a very hot & successful 2 hour set for Denis Vakulin's 'Theta Organisation' at Telakka Studios Event in Helsinki.


Here's a shot of Mick playing in the main arena at Atomics, the Club he'd created and ran in Maidstone, UK.


Here Mick 'plays' in the unusual setting onboard the MV. Stubnitz 'all-nighter' at Rostock, Germany.


Mick working through a 5 hour set in one of his regular visits to Acud in Berlin.


Here he mixes as the resident DJ for the Up Art/Plassma Tapetenclub at the Deli Venue in Berlin.


Mick plays from the ticket office of Odeonsplatz on the Munich underground in Germany at the 'base.ment' Art Performance Festival 2001.


Honoured to perform at the 'artists' Domagkstrasse Ateliers Parties Mick pulls out all the stoppers in Munich, Germany.


Concentrating on the mix, Mick enjoys a chance to play at the newly opened Päiväkoti in Turku, Finland.


Mick on the decks at the 'very special' Waffengalerie in Berlin with German DJ 'Dr Nexus' during their memorable back-to-back session.


A daytime performance at 'Ifficial Arts' Cunst6 Festival in Cologne, follows a sleepy flight from his all-night set at Acud in Berlin!
ifficial art


Mick plays at the Exit Art Festival in Helsinki under the Kaapeli - the 'artists' relax 'like artists do'