In the atmospheric deep cave below a popular Club Bar in Campobasso Mick mixes his vinyl as if to paint an intriguing new layer of sound over the adventurous percussion of Steven Garling and the Conga's of 'Floating Hands' Hans Von Klitzing


On the large stage at 'Le Cave' in Isernia Steven plays multiple percussion objects while Hans accompanies

Mick on the far side of Le Cave's large stage blends the sound of his vinyl into an amalgamated crescendo from Steven & Hans, later to continue 'solo' with a set of 'rare' deep house tracks to an appreciative audience


The complete performance is coordinated with the 'film' showing behind the musicians

Different equipment is soon mastered by Mick at Le Cave where he enjoys the benefit of good 'monitoring' .....his thanks go out to the Sound Crew at this impressive Venue

Nino Carpenito follows Mick on the Decks at his U_bahn Club in Ferrazzano

Hans (left) & Steven (behind the bar) with Pasqual (center in red) of Bootleg Records, relax with friends at the Bar of U_bahn after a great night.